I make it EASY.


I make people smile.

Replacing your vehicle or getting your first car should be stress free. Karen’s Car Connection, thinks it should also be fun. Finding time to choose a car and get the best price is difficult, so let me do it for you. You get time to do other things while you save money. I excel at finding my clients the cars they want at prices they can afford. Karen’s Car Connection is owned and operated by Karen Kennedy Jones, a seasoned automotive sales professional with the know-how to get you what you want at a reasonable price. With over 20 years in the automotive business, Karen has established an extensive network across Canada that gets you preferred pricing and customized, one-on-one service.




Get access to new vehicles at competitive prices through my relationships with owners and senior managers of franchise dealerships for every brand of car.



I make the process of finding your next pre-owned vehicle easy. Because of my network of contacts, I can get you that car at an affordable price.



Bringing 20 years of experience through ownership of  KCC Leasing Limited I have established strong relationships with various companies that offer leasing for new and used vehicles at competitive rates with flexible terms and mileage restrictions.



Looking for that special hard-to-find vehicle? Not a problem. With my extensive North American network, Karen’s Car Connection can find you your dream vehicle.

Call me to make finding your next car stress free. Let me be your partner in your next vehicle search. You get a fantastic new vehicle, a smile on your face, and an industry connection for life!

I solve all your vehicle needs. Have problems with the vehicle after purchase? You can call me to be on your side to get it fixed.

I am not a traditional dealership!


I pride myself on doing things differently.



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1. I ask questions to get to know you and create a short list ensuring all your questions are answered.

2. I find you a selection of vehicles that meet your requirements and schedule test drives.

3. I explain the options available: buying, leasing, or financing.

4. I complete the paperwork from your home or office.

5. I deliver your vehicle.

Looking for a new vehicle? Take advantage of my partnerships with dealers and get a better price for the car you really want. I am not a middleman. I am your automotive sales professional, taking care of all the cumbersome stuff. I negotiate, assist with the paperwork, credit approval, leasing options, and insurance confirmation so you don’t have to. And yes. I will deliver your new vehicle to your home or business.

The process is simple, allowing you to do what you do best.

You buy your vehicle directly from the manufacturer, taking advantage of the incentives and rebates they offer. You receive the full manufacturer warranty. I am the added value. At no additional charge, Karen’s Car Connection does all the research and leg work for you. This saves you time and money. If you’re looking for you next car, let me do all the work for you.

Call me when you are ready to buy your next vehicle, or when you are just thinking about it. Get unbiased advice and tremendous service, even before you have started doing business with me. Most of my clients are repeat customers. So, once you try my service, it is very difficult to go back to a traditional dealership and do everything on your own.

Looking for a pre-owned car? You have come to the right place.

Whether it’s a $5,000 commuter car or your $100,000 dream car, Karen’s Car Connection finds what you are looking for.

My reputation within the used vehicle network in Canada and the United States ensures you get reasonable prices for quality cars. My long relationship with used car dealership owners, and senior sales managers at the larger franchises ensures that you get preferred pricing. I can source cars at auctions in Canada and in the USA for excellent savings!

See something advertised that you like? Call me first to see what deal I can get you.

We accept your trade-in

We accept your trade-in

Vehicle financing available.

Vehicle financing available.

No credit history? Past credit problems? We may be able to help! Please call us for more information.


Below are some of my top picks of pre-owned car dealers in the Toronto area, each with an excellent reputation and years of experience. They stand behind their products, offering fantastic vehicles at great prices. And I stand behind them.

Call me to arrange for a test drive!


Karen’s Car Connection has established relationships with companies that lease new and pre-owned vehicles. With over 20 years of experience in the leasing world, I can get you your car at competitive rates. Leasing is an alternative to traditional financing, especially since HST was introduced. Our companies offer open terms and flexible mileage restrictions.

If you are a dealer with customers who want to lease, instead of finance, contact me for quotes and details about structuring the lease to suit their needs.


What’s important to me?

My customers say great things about me so I don’t have to.

My reputation. That means staying on top of industry developments and knowing what is new with the vehicles and the industry. It means knowing what manufacturers are offering sales and rebates so you can get the best price. It also means listening to my customers. I learn as much from my customers as I do from the dealerships and manufacturers. I can pass along to you what the drivers are saying about their cars. What’s wrong, what’s right. What works, what doesn’t. You hear from both sides of the industry – sellers and buyers.

I listen to what you have to say, to get you what you want. Your opinion is always foremost in what I do.

Looking for a new or used car?

Contact Karen's Car Connection first!

Making it easy to buy your next car! For those who expect the best, I will not disappoint you.

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to assisting you in acquiring your next vehicle. Send me a message any time using the form below, or call your convenience at: 416-910-5464